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Funerals at Calvary

Here at CF Downingtown we know that there are certain times in life where you need the support of a local pastor.  Planning a funeral for a loved one has the potential of creating a lot of stress during a very difficult moment in life... we are here to help.  Here at CF Downingtown we are glad to offer basic funeral services at no charge to you, below are a few details in how to get the process started.

Start with the Pastor: We would love to serve you as a church during your time of need. The first step is connecting with one of our pastors who will walk you through this process. As a church, it is our policy that only CF Pastors perform funerals within our facilities.


Pick a Date: Our church's standard is to hold funeral services following our church services on a Sunday afternoon, at 1 pm.  Although a CF Pastor may choose to do otherwise, we ask that if at all possible you would schedule your funeral at this time. 

Pick a CF Venue: We are glad to provide a basic funeral service within our church facilities at no expense to you. Our church's policy is to hold these services in our secondary auditorium which holds approximately 200 people.  If more than that are expected to attend, the larger auditorium will need to be used, but there is a fee associated with this venue.

Plan the Service: The funeral service will be simple yet meaningful.  Generally speaking the service will last 45 minutes. Standard arrangements such as a musical playlist and AV equipment will be provided.  Our CF pastor will walk you through the rest of the details such as creating a slideshow, planning special music, having flowers delivered, writing an obituary or scheduling testimonies. 

Post-Service: The complexity of planning for a post-service reception creates many difficulties for facilities management.  What we suggest is that you either plan something at a different venue or do something simple such as bringing coffee and a basic dessert.  We would be glad to provide a table or two, but we would leave the rest up to your discretion.  The total time for the event is no more than 1 1/2 hours. 

Additional Thoughts: Honorariums for the CF Pastor, production assistant or CF Staff are not expected, but they are often appreciated. We will gladly work alongside a funeral home of your choosing as needed. For any additional questions feel free to email 

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