Inside the air-conditioned auditorium 9AM or 10:30AM (masks required)

Outside under the canopy at the west entrance 9AM or 10:30AM (bring your chair)

Free coffee and wrapped snacks will be served in cafe

Kidz indoor program 9AM or 10:30AM (details)


In the comfort of your home on @ 9am + 10:30am


With these options we hope you can create a morning that ministers best to you and your family. For your safety according to the orders of our state, we are following capacity, social distancing, mask and safety guidelines as well as new cleaning protocols. 


  • Thank you for wearing your masks the entire time you are with us.  

  • Extra masks will be available for those in need.

  • Please use social distancing standards when drinking coffee or eating. 

  • We understand masks are difficult for young children and those with health issues. Do your best!

  • You are welcome here no matter what!