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Christ First Membership

At Christ First Church, our hope would be that whether or not a person is a member, they could still call CF their home. Becoming a member at Christ First is simply saying that CF is both your church home AND the place where you are committed to living out Jesus' mission with other believers.   

Regularly, our church members will be encouraged to reaffirm several things that express their membership commitment and alignment to our Statement of Beliefs.  Below, you will find the Four Commitments of a CF Member briefly described, as well as an opportunity to either begin membership or reaffirm your current membership.

Four Commitments

Our Commitment to You

There are multiple ways in which we are committed to you...

1) We are committed to making Christ First a place where our members and their families can worship Jesus and get to know Him better.

2) We will do our best to give additional time, attention, and emphasis to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of our church members.

3) Regular updates from Pastor Lee.

4) Each year, we will have our Annual Reveal Meeting, where we will keep our members updated on what God has been doing within our church and where He might be leading us in the future. 

Year in Review

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Welcome Video

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