• Lee Wiggins

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Lee is the church-equivalent of an entrepreneur. He can dream of things that have never been attempted, see the finished product in his mind, and then lead his team through the steps to make it a reality. His main passion, however, is to preach the Bible. God has gifted Pastor Lee with the ability to communicate the truth of His Word, resulting in almost 30 years of incredible ministry, marked by spiritual and numerical growth. Pastor Lee and his wife Anne are often found spending a lot of their free time at church because to them, the ministry is both a job and a hobby. (If you care to know, he received his M.Div. from Western Seminary in Portland, OR.)

  • Rob Mittuch

    Executive Pastor

  • John.jpg

    John Lawley

    Experience Pastor

  • Nate Ardle.jpg

    Nate Ardle


  • David Virgo.jpg

    David Virgo

    Worship Lead

  • Debbie.jpg

    Debbie Avila


  • Lori Mason.jpg

    Lori Mason

    Women's Lead

  • Josh Whitelock.jpg

    Josh Whitelock

    Students Lead

  • Melody.jpg

    Melody Revere

    Kidz Lead

  • Cliff Cagle .jpg

    Cliff Cagle


  • Adam Hamel


  • Ashley.jpg

    Ashley Lawley

    Kidz Lead

  • Mirissia Eggerton


  • Kali Cagle.jpg

    Kali Cagle

    Kitchen Table Lead

  • Carlin Alexander

    Video Table Lead

  • Alyx Barszowski.jpg

    Alyx Barszowski


  • Jeff Humphry

    Tech Table Lead

  • Paul Smith

    Security Table Lead

  • Sam Stoll


  • Hilary Buchanan.jpg

    Hilary Buchanan


  • Mark Williams

    Greeters Table Lead

  • Ken Hunt

    Men's Table Lead

  • Erin Bateman

    Women's Coordinator