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The SOAP Method of Bible Study


  • Read through the passage for next week a couple of times.

  • Choose one verse from the assigned passage that stands out to you.

  • Write out the verse in a journal or something you can use for further study.



  • Look at the verse with unbiased eyes to see what God is saying.

  • Write out simple observations the verse communicates.

  • Look for things like keywords, commands, promises, cause/effect, comparisons/contrasts, questions/answers, and purpose statements.

  • Write out answers to the six big questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

  • You want to discover the message the author intended for the original audience. 



  • Reflect on how you can apply this verse to your life.

  • Make it personal and specific to you.

  • How can you implement what you’ve read? 

  • What habits, attitudes, or changes do you need to make?

  • What lessons can you take away from the verse? 



  • Write a brief prayer about the verse you studied.

  • Thank God and ask him for wisdom to apply these truths to your life.

  • You could also confess any sin and ask for strength to live according to the truths of this verse. 

Follow along with the message series in 1 Peter

Small groups will discuss the passages during the week following each Sunday date below. Choose your verse from each passage during that week. As you have time, do more verses from that passage each week.

April 28 – 1:6–9

May 5 – 1:10–12

May 12 – 1:13–22

May 19 – 1:23–2:3

May 26 – 2:4–12

June 2 – 2:13–25

June 9 – 3:1–7

June 16 – 3:8–17

June 23 – 4:1–11

June 30 – 4:12–19

July 7 – 5:1–5

July 14 – 5:5–13

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